• The 4th global lithium battery science and technology seminar and the 9th south China lithium battery BBS

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      The summit will be held in 2019 in shenzhen airport on May 6-9,the hyatt Regency hotel,the organizing committee of the conference by the LBIS,China's chemical and physical power industry association and jointly organized by the shenzhen graduate school of tsinghua university,China's chemical and physical power industry association,advanced batteries and material production,technical innovation alliance and shenzhen gt new energy technology co.,LTD.Jointly undertake.

      When the founder,master in the field of lithium-ion battery lithium electricity core technology of nearly 10 countries of one hundred scientists,dozens of global energy leader in science and technology with the representatives of nearly one thousand copolymerization PengCheng,explore green energy in the electric vehicle(EDV),and consumer electronics(CE)and large-scale application in the field of energy storage(ESS),focus on new materials,new design and new lithium-ion batteries performance,will also explore beyond lithium-ion battery of new energy system,including solid-state batteries,lithium sulfur batteries,lithium air batteries,fuel cells,and so on.(Day1-3)

      Energy science and technology international lecture hall:Jeff Dahn,John Zhang(Zhang Zhengming),Tom Ohzuku/Masaki Yoshio,JM.Tarascon,Steven Visco six lithium electricity copolymerization lecture hall,exclusive to impart new energy key technical problems and the latest cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements.(Day 4)

      Summit theme:the latest development of high energy density,low cost and high safety battery system in EDV/ESS/CE,and discuss the current challenges and opportunities.

      The summit will be a gathering of top academics and industry figures from around the world.Dozens of leaders in the field of batteries and electric vehicles will gather with delegates to share their latest research results,interact and communicate with them.

      LANHE attended the conference as a sponsor and discussed the technical direction of battery testing equipment with the participants.





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