• Intellectual property rights publicity and training

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      Under the careful organization of wuhan jiangan district people's procuratorate and donghu hi-tech public security bureau,on Thursday,August 10,2017,all courts and leaders came to the company for intellectual property training.Intellectual property rights are the property rights obtained through intellectual labor.The level of intellectual property ownership and utilization is the key to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of cities.

      At the meeting,leaders and court comrades explained the training enthusiastically for us.We have solved many intellectual property problems that have been bothering us for many days and put forward valuable Suggestions to us.Through this training on intellectual property,the company has deeply realized the importance and urgency of protecting intellectual property,and realized that there are still many deficiencies in its own knowledge reserve.We hope to have more opportunities to participate in the training on intellectual property and learn relevant policies,laws and regulations on intellectual property in the future.




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