• "A thousand bureau level cadres contact and serve a thousand enterprises" activity came to LANHE

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      In order to help the development of enterprises,actively do a good job of"liaison","consultant","waiter",and jointly promote the high quality development of wuhan,wuhan municipal party committee and government launched last year"a thousand bureau level cadres to contact and serve a thousand enterprises"action.

      At 9:00 a.m.on June 6,2018,xu jinghua,leader of wuhan municipal party committee,led leaders of the municipal Internet and information office,the municipal transportation and transportation commission,the municipal justice bureau,the housing management bureau of east lake high-tech zone,the municipal recruitment and talent bureau and other relevant units to the company's on-site office to solve problems.Ye wenjie,general manager of the company,and wang yali,deputy general manager,participated in the research discussion.

      At the meeting,ye wenjie,general manager of the company,introduced the basic situation of the development of the company,and expounded five problems in the process of the development of the company that need urgent help to solve.The municipal party committee leader gives the affirmation to our company's development at the same time,has made the important instruction to the company in the development expansion question which urgently needs to solve.

      Company general manager ye wenjie on behalf of the company to relevant government leadership and enthusiastic support expressed heartfelt thanks to the arrival of,at the same time,said the company's development cannot leave the concern and support of the party and government at all levels,"thousands of cadres into thousands of enterprises"activities to further reduce the distance of government services and enterprise needs,can save a lot of problems in a timely manner for the enterprise,firm the confidence in the development of enterprises.In the future,the company will continue to follow the pace of the party and the government,under the leadership and support of the municipal party committee and the municipal government,redouble efforts,make bigger and stronger,and make new contributions to the development of wuhan.




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